35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor. I'm hungry most of the time. Please suggest food which doesn't increase baby's weight... thank you

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Answer: Hi dear feeling hungry during pregnancy and is very common and always you should substitute your hunger with healthy food options like a bowl of roasted chana, or a handful of nuts , a bowl of salad or fruits, even you can also eat a bowl of yoghurt as well. Hope it helps.
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    Suchithra Gunasekaran772 days ago

    Thank you so much... Will follow your tips pa.. one more doubt. I'm having corn flakes with milk.. is it safe now?

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Question: After BF baby doesn't burp most of the time.!!! How to increase baby weight..???
Answer: Hold baby on shoulders and walk for few mins. Some babies even take 30 mins to burp. So slowly pat on back for sometime. Some babies doesn't burp always which is not a problem but you must pat on back and try after every feed. Increasing weight is based on your breastmilk and your healthy food. Eat healthy to get nutritious breastmilk.
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Question: Ma'am can you please let me know about the sugar free foods which increase baby's weight
Answer: Hi dear. Eat foods that are rich in protein, calcium,fat and iron. Eat milk white, sprouts, meat,poultry, fish,drumstick leaves,spinach, cabbage,broccoli, nuts, cheese, yogurt,curd and ghee. Drink plenty of water
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Question: I'm 8th month pregnancy my baby's weight 1.75. So which food take to increase the baby's weight
Answer: Are u taking tablets correctly.......take badham milkshake, carrot milkshake daily,intake banana 🍌 atleast 2 daily,try mother Horlicks twice.. take fish, mutton, chicken... And biriyani.... daily 2egg.....
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