21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor, I'm 20 week's pregnant, I have just gone through a test name USG ANC LEVEL 2 SCAN that Show's placenta: posterior, low lying and is 27.8 mm away from internal os. What does it mean please let me know

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Answer: It is a low lying placenta now it is very important that you must talk to your gynecologist about cerclage surgery so that the further treatment can be planned accordingly and you need to take plenty of rest now rest as much as you can only wake up to take bath or to eat and I will advise you to rest so that Placenta does not descends further down
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    chaudhary shiv779 days ago

    Thank you ma'am

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Question: Placenta is low lying and just reaching internal os ....what does it mean...?
Answer: Take bed rest....dont do heavy work...placenta will fo up.
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Question: Low lying posterior placenta is away from 3.2 cm away from internal os? Grade maturity 1?means???
Answer: It means the distance between the placenta and cervix is 3.2cm... your placenta is quite low and near the cervix... sometimes as the uterus grows in size the placenta is pulled upwards which is good for you....if by end of pregnancy the placenta has not moved away from the cervix and covers the cervix then you will have to deliver by c-sec...
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Question: Placenta is fundal posterior.. Its lower limit is away from internal os.. What does it mean?
Answer: Hello! It means that the you have got a posterior placenta and the distance between the placenta and the internal os is good, that is it is not a low lying placenta. The report is normal and nothing to worry. Take care
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