37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor..i m 37 week pregnant and having pain in my right breast from morning..is it normal..can i use hot water pack or oil massage....

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Answer: Hello, increase in the hormone called progestrone and oestrogen causes discomfort and pain in breasts, you can have a cold compress or take hot showers , where loose fitting clothes , wear a supportive bra and talk to your gynecologist regarding any pain relief ointment . I think this tips would reduce breast pain. Hope this helps.
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Question: paal kattiagiruchu in my right side breast. i was trying to massage the hot water. but i have pain and no use. the best remedy pls?
Answer: Hello! Don't you mean that you have lump your breast. Then warm massage is a way out. If it is not effective, then talk to the doctor.
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Question: Hello Doctor i am suffering from anklolysing Spondylits and now i am pregnant and having pain in my back and legs so can i apply moov or volini after can i use hot pad to relief from pain
Answer: Hello! You can go for moov or volini occasionally. Also can apply hot pad for relief but make sure that it is not too hot. Since you have anklolysing spondylits, please try to do exercise on daily basis. This is the best thing which will give you some relief. Take care
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Question: Can i drink hot water in morning ....i m 5 week pregnant
Answer: YeS ofcourse...u can drink hot water in mornings it helps u to get free motion and feels fresh to u it's very important to drink hot water in mornings and night also
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