11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Doctor I m 10week pregnant 什 mother I gaining my weight continuously what can I do to reduce some weight to having normal delivery

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Answer: Weight gain is common in pregnancy also it is good sign that baby is growing
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    Sonia Gogna30 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: m mother of 5 months old baby. m losing weight continuously after my normal delivery. m bf mother. so pls suggest me to gain weight within one month
Answer:hii dear normally bf mother loose her weight... plz included fat like gond ka laddu ajwain ka laddu besan ka hlwa churma etc good for health n weight and also good for baby
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Question: my weight has to ncreased more what can I do to reduce weight after delivery
Answer:Hello! You can start to exercise.Dieting is not recommended if you are nursing your baby but healthy eating is. There's no need to have extra ghee and other heavy things in your diet to boost or enrich supply if that's your reason to have it. You can choose to follow balanced diet with healthy food. Breastfeeding itself helps with weight loss as you burn a lot of calories while nursing the baby.
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Question: Hey m 11weeks pregnant bt m not gaining weight all reports are normal what to do
Answer:Don't worry weight gaining anedhi 4th r th month nunchi start avuthundhi eat healthy food If u r satisfied plz like
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