25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor, I have done my Glucose tolerence test yesterday and here is my report. Blood glucose(Fasting) - 173mg/dl 1st hour - 173mg/dl 2nd hour- 181mg/dl 3rd hour - 159mg/dl Urine Glucose (fasting) - absent 1st hour - (+) 2nd hour - (+++) 3rd hour - (++++) Can you please guide me whether is this an alarming sugar and how can I reduced the sugar levels.

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Answer: hi dear! so your levels are abnormal dear you will need medicine so you will have to consult with your doctor regarding this also the dosage will be given according to your reports dear. also you should avoid having sugar , gud(jaggery) and honey and ofcourse no mithai and ladoos. do visit your doctor dear. also you will have to take the reports again after 2-3 weeks of the treatment . take care dear
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    Aiswaryashri PR65 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestion Doctor. I have mistakenly provided wrong blood sugar level during fasting. It is actually 80mg/dl during fasting. Other levels are correct. Can you please tell me if this is alarming or I van mangae with cutting on juices?

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Question: Hai am 27th week pregant my GTT report values GLUCOSE FASTING 127 mg/dl ....URINE GLUCOSE FASTING NIL.......GLUCOSE 1ST HOUR 222 mg/dl.....URINE GLUCOSE 1HR +.....GLUCOUSE 2HR 188.. let me know abt this report
Answer: Hi your report shows that you have high sugar levels you should consult to the doctor for medications also in your diet you should avoid sugary food and drinks you should avoid food rich in carbs you should also avoid bad food of food that have preservatives take regular walks and eat something like every 2 hours
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Question: Hi.. I have did my glucose test. As per report Fasting Blood Sugar is 78mg/dl and after 2HR it is 110. Wheather iam having a risk?
Answer: Hi dear, Your sugar levels are fine .not to worry at all.
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Question: Hi, I m 28 weeks pregnant..I have done GTT ( glucose torrent test)..result came fasting 85..1st hour plasma glucose 211 & 2nd hour plasma glucose 186...so can anyone suggest me that what to do to control my sugar levels in limit.
Answer: Hllo dear u r 28 weeks pregnant dear ur sugar level s high .u r diabetic u should tc of it self consult ur gyno take medicine. u should take healthy diet as Eat variety of food,distributing calories nd carbohydrates evenly throughout the day.Dont skip meals.take breakfast in 9 to 10 am after take fruits juices .after 2 hours gap take lunch and again milk in evening after that take snacks nd a healthy dinner..take healthy bf includes high fiber food such as fresh fruits vegetables whole grain bread nd cereals nd dried peas beans. Go 4 walk daily nd do exercise try it
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