5 months old baby

Question: Hello, doctor i got c.section on 2nd October 2018, i got again pregnant its unplanned pregnancy. Should i continue it or not? Is there any risk to my health ?

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Answer: you should take help with your doctor and then decide whether to continue with this pregnancy
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Question: i hv periods on 5 october again i got bleeding from 18 october to till date wat i will do is there any worry????
Answer: Hi,it could be due to hormanal changes or stress if any . It is better to consult your Dr and have iron rich food like green vegetables and Raisins and dates ,apple and promegranate.
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Question: Hello! I had got married on 27thApril 2018.From that day onwards my mother in law is asking for a baby.But i had not got pregnant yet.So is there any serious problem.Or i should wait for 1year more?
Answer: Hi dear, There need not be a problem.you can get your routine check done.To conceive make sure following tests are done: 1- TSH needs to be below 3 for conception 2- blood sugar levels are in range 3-blood pressure is optimal 4- if you have any period irregularities,check with any PCOD or endometriosis issues 5- BMI body mass index should be between 18-25 6- blood group of yours and husband 7- genetic disorders 8- iron level is above 11 Apart from that,you need to start taking folic acid supplement prior to conception. Healthy lifestyle,including diet and exercise needs to be started .
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Question: I got my periods on 8th oct 2018 then again i got periods on 18 oct 2018, and again i got my period today that is 3nov 2018... Usually it bleeds alot, but all this last three period it didn't bleed much as well... M taking chance for pregnancy n m not understanding when to take chance
Answer: Hi Dear! Bleeding twixe or thrice in a gap of 10-12 days is not normal, it needs to be evaluated by a Dr. immediately because it will affect your ovulation time and if u dont ovulate it will affect your conception like as you said you r not understanding wen to take chance, hence it will be better to get regulate it first and then try.. Good luck!
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