28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor I an entering in my 7th month and i am facing frequent very frequent for washroom . Urination is this ok ?

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Answer: As u r in 3rd trimester, frequent urination is quite normal, as the uterus and the baby in the uterus grows, it puts pressure on urinary bladder. So it's normal to have frequent urination. Don't reduce the intake of liquids, stay hydrated.
Answer: Nothing to worry.i had same..that is because of developing baby inside the uterus and increased size of uterus will push on the urinary bladder.. that is the reason of frequent visits to toilet
Answer: Yes it's absolutely normal
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Question: I am feeling like my lower abdomen has become very heavy........and facing frequent urination.......and also very difficult to walk .....y it is soo....
Answer: Very much normal...The size of the baby is increasing and putting weight on the uterus which results into frequent urination alongwith feeling of heavy abdomen ..There might be abdominal.tightening also ...But always ..Highlight any discomfort to the doctor..Because...Doctors sometimes advise medicines to stop pre term.birth if the pressure is too.much however if you have already crossed 36 weeks then pre term.delivery is not happening.to you
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Question: Am six month pregnant woman, is frequent urination common during pregnancy, i facing this problem now
Answer: Yes dear It is normal to go to toilet frequently . As ur uterus is growing, it is putting pressure on ur bladder resulting in pressure on it wnd thus u have to rush to toilet.
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Question: I have frequent urination ....its my 7th month ending now...is it to worry for frequent uribation
Answer: It's common.. As the baby weight falls on the uterus frequent urination and frequent motion will happen.. Take plenty of liquids.. Stay hydrated
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