11 months old baby

Question: hello doctor, for diaper rashes which cream I can use and onemorething it's not exactly rashes but small small pimple

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Answer: Hi dear, Usually diaper rashes are due to prolonged staying in wet diaper.timely changing the diaper could avoid this in future.right now you can apply coconut oil.or you can also apply ' B4 nappy cream '.it is quite good for any rash in body.apply it before putting the diaper.
Answer: Use coconut oil it is best homemade remedies
Answer: Just use coconut oil or mustard oil
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Question: Which cream is best for diaper rashes ?
Answer: Hidear there are many rash cream available and all are good. Sudo cream is also good I used it alot for my baby and you should also apply coconut oil frequently on rashes because that will help to cure rash quickly.
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Question: Which diaper rash cream is good? and which cream is useful for other rashes
Answer: Hello dear. You can use derma dew, would be good for all types of rashes. You can also confirm with your pediatrician. Let me give you a few tips. The wet diapers are the primary cause of diaper rashes. Here are a few natural remedies for diaper rash. Coconut Oil Coconut oil is popular for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera If your baby’s diaper rashes accompany severe inflammation, then a quick home remedy is to use Aloe Vera gel and apply to it. Organic yogurt goes a long way in treating rashes and signs of inflammation. Take care.
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Question: Which cream is best for diaper rashes
Answer: Ezynapi But the best thing to do for diaper rash is stop using wet wipes. Give baby diaper free time. Change diaper every 2 hours and immediately after poop. It's the acid content in poop that usually caused the diaper rash. Wash poop/pee of baby with warm water and pat dry very gently with cotton towel and use cloth diaper at least 4 hours a day
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