34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello doctor, does watching bold scenes in movies or videos will have negative impact on my baby?

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Answer: Hi dear no I don't cause of much but if you feel those negativeness in your thoughts when you're you watch the movie just leave the situation with movie self don't take it to your mind and think about that effect if you become negative you became down and your mode is very emotionally down that make your baby to be emotional but it wont happen in one or two days this is the whole span of pregnancy that make baby mood.and development
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    Rupa Tiwari452 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: I am watching more suicidal videos in you tube. Does this affect my baby?
Answer: Whatever a mom does, will directly or indirectly affects baby no matter what. If you feel tensed, those chemicals produced in ur brain obviously sends reflexes to fetus too. So if you feel happy, u ll get a happy baby who loves to play , eat n sleep peacefully with good development. If you are always depressed or sad.. you ll have a baby who might become cranky, crying n not sleeping or having food properly... If the baby is so in initial stage.. it is obviously going to affect in adulthood. So please try to make your self pleasant and happy. And have a blissful period of ur motherhood. Jus keep in ur mind that whatever you feel will be felt by baby too.. earlier or later. So plz avoid negativity in life. If you cannot control ur self. You need a mental support for u. Ask help from your family members or jus go for a counselling to your doc. Meditate and listen music. Stay happy!
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Question: Does eating carrots in 8week of pregnancy have any negative impact on fetus
Answer: Carrots are good sources of vitamin A and is important for the development of your baby's bones, teeth, and eyes. Carrots do not contain vitamin A itself but in the form of carotene. ... Hence you can have carrots in moderate quantities during pregnancy and it doesn't have any negative impact on the feteus. take care
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Question: I had abortion in the year 2016.... Does it make any negative impact on my fertility
Answer: Dear don't worry abortion done 2-3 years back will not do any effect on your fertility so just relax ...
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