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Question: hello docto... What is Color Doppler Test? And when should this happen? Is it really needed?

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Answer: HI DEAR 'Color Doppler scan' is used to check the flow of your baby's blood. Its similar to the other scans but It is done in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Yes it needs to be done to ensure if the baby is recieving all necessary things form you or not. You can ask the doctor if you have doubts about it. I guess its required for you if the dr. has suggested for it.
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    sparshi agarwal23 days ago

    Color doppler is done to check weather all the intrnal organs of baby are succesfully developed or not ...it is done b4 25 weeks in second trimester...u can hv a color doppler once it is level 2 test...

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Answer: Hi...low lying placenta can anytime cause bleeding...so, precautions should be taken such as avoid having sex and take rest as much as possible
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Question: Hello, i have done doppler yesterday and it is showing MCA higher PI. What is indicates?
Answer: Hi dear , pulsatality index of middle cerebral artery provides a measure of blood circulation between uterus and baby with consequent increased risk of developing pre eclampsia, fetal growth restriction and abruption and still birth.keep all of your prenatal appointments detecting potential problems early allows you treat them early.will keep observing baby movements after 28 weeks daily.take antenatal supplements, better to take proper rest and healthy diet.avoid strenuous work, travelling.drink plenty of fluids.maintain your BMI through out your pregnancy.take care and all the best
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