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Question: hello docto... What is Color Doppler Test? And when should this happen? Is it really needed?

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Answer: HI DEAR 'Color Doppler scan' is used to check the flow of your baby's blood. Its similar to the other scans but It is done in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Yes it needs to be done to ensure if the baby is recieving all necessary things form you or not. You can ask the doctor if you have doubts about it. I guess its required for you if the dr. has suggested for it.
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    padma arena30 days ago

    For me also the dopler is suggested on my 32nd week. Because mybaby is less 3 centile and all these previous month I was in posterior low lying placenta only the 28 week scan showed the placenta gone to its position.

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    Priyanka Porwal29 days ago

    kya Bimari Mata

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    M M23 days ago

    Doctor suggested for me also on 4th Aug....ie 29th week of pregnency

Answer: Hi.. Doctor my wife has 7th month, doctor prescribed ecospirin since first scanning is it right take ecospirin please Clearfy it.
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    Honey Demla44 days ago

    Yes.. Even I have taken since 1 month... It is safe

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    Neha Koul43 days ago

    Me too taking it. It's to avoid preclampsia towards later stages of pregnancy

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    veenu chugh38 days ago

    Yes i am also taking this for high bp control

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    Keshina Khan19 days ago

    I m also taking this pill ...

Answer: Hi. Color Doppler test used to know blood circulation to baby..when am in 5th my B.p increased so Dr prescribed this test to me
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