19 weeks pregnant mother

Hello doc Right leg numbness problem wt is the solution

Y,this is because if the preassure put on the sciatica nerve.you should keep your leg elevated You can soak your leg in warm water.you should do hot water compression.it would help
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Question: This is 29week my right leg is paining alot what is the solution for that
Answer: Hi dear, Increase in blood volume and other fluids along with baby weight,your legs gets stressed out a bit.it takes the whole body weight and hence it pains and cramps.try massaging with warm oil and be active no matter how much it pains.keep your legs elevated.and never sit and stand in one place for long.decrease your salt content in food.drink plenty of water to avoid water retention in body which adds pain to legs.alao look for any protruded veins,could b vericose veins or spider veins which are common in pregnancy.
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Question: Severe pain in right leg..any solution
Answer: Hi dear !it's common to have swollen lower limbs or pain in leg In pregnancy there is fluid overload Also the growing fetus and growing uterus puts pressure over the the lower limb blood vessels which causes legs to swell Need not worry 1)take salt restrict diet 2) sleep in left lateral position 3)keep pillow under leg 4)have more vegetables and fruits 5)do regular 30min exercises,yoga and breathing exercises 6)keep your bp in check 7)drink plenty of fluids
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Question: Hello everyone ... mere right leg me buhat pain hy feeling cold just right leg... it is normal ? Koi solution hy iska ... i am 33 week pregnant
Answer: Hello I understand your pain.Legs pain are very common in pregnancy and so many pregnant ladies complaint about legs pain,backache nd lower abdomen pain during pregnancy.It's not a easy task for women to carry one more life inside the womb.We consider so many thinhs during this period of life. Well, pregnancy can aggravate sciatic pain from the nerve that runs down the buttock and leg, although only 1 percent of pregnant women experience sciatic pain during pregnancy, the hormone relaxin softens the ligaments in the leg, which relaxes the joints so your pelvis can expand. This process can put pressure on other ligaments and muscles, causing pain down your buttocks to leg.Your legs may also feel weak.When you're pregnant, you experience a number of minor complaints that can scare you into thinking there's something wrong with the pregnancy. check with your doctor whenever you're concerned that your symptoms indicate a problem. Do not take over the counter pain medications to treat discomforts without talk to your doctor first,
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