10 months old baby

Question: Hello doc...my baby is getting rashes on legs n bumps..they are red n very itchy

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Answer: Dear it could be some allergy or due to heat. Try this remedy if it works else consult a skin specialist. Boil some neem leaves in water and use that water for bathing ur baby especially legs and bumps where the rashes are. After this apply neem oil to the rashes. This should give instant relief to itching and in couple of days the rashes would be gone. Hope it helps.
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Answer: dear doctor ke pass Jaaye aur Unse Koi achi si cream ka Pata Karen vah aapko Aisi cream bataenge Jisko Jisko aap apne C section scar per Lagane Se Na to aapko khujali Hogi aur vahan Ke mark bhi Jaldi Chala Jaega
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Question: I have got many rashes on abdomen. .legs n hands.. they are itchy.. should I worry about them?
Answer: It's normal during pregnancy. Take a good bath twice a day. Apply oil on those places, it will help. Make sure you avoid scratching them while it itch. So the marks won't be there much.
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Question: Red pimples with rashes on legs arms n stomach its very itchy please help
Answer: Same problem with me.....immediately I consulted my Dr. She Prescribed me combinorm wash consult ur dr. First she will help you
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