28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Doc I'm 28 wks now , i feel like sleep only on right side mostly , i will not feel so comfortable on left side sleeping. Is dat will effect to my baby in coming months

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Answer: ideas sleeping on left or right side is very health baby nothing to worry sleeping on the left side will increase oxygen of the baby sleeping has more advantages than the right side but you can sleep in which position you feel comfortable no worries dear
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Question: Can i sleep on the right side now . I'm not comfortable sleeping on the left
Answer: baby getting hiccups normal dear. and baby doesn't get effected baby that dear do not worry dear. taking a break from feeding to burp helps in curing the hiccups . burping your baby in upright position helps. use a pacifier this helps in stopping the hiccups .. use pacifier only when it is necessary. don't do too man things to stop hiccups let it stop by own. avoid heavy activity soon after feeding like bouncing .
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Question: i feel comfortable sleeping on my right side but my doc auggested to sleep on the left . will it hurt the baby slewping on my right ?
Answer: Sleeping on side is good during pregnancy. It could be right side or left whichever position is comfortable for you. However sleeping on left is best as being on left side increases blood flow and more nutrients reach to your baby.
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Question: I feel My Babyz Head mostly On my Right side..Is Dat normal? I can't sleep on my Left side..i feel comfortable on my right..
Answer: same wid me baby hamesha right side hi fell hota h
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