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Question: Hello doc i delivered a premature baby in 7 month due to low amino fluid he died in the 2nd day. Kindly tell what is the reason of low amino fluid even the baby was healthy in the womb. And when i can conceive again and the second baby will be premature?

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Question: why baby died on delivery..I heard my friend baby died on delivery due to less fluid...what are the reasons for such situations? how can I protect my baby in womb to avoid problems in delivery
Answer:  Be active, don't sit ideally for a long time... regular walking is useful.. do simple exercises... drink lots of water
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Question: my i have done with cervical stitch..and my placenta also low 2 cm away from os..doc tell me juss wait till 32 it's good to delivered baby in 32 weeks ...can my baby will b healthy
Answer: no not continuously...but if bladder is full or any ..stress on dat den ....actualy my pregnancy is very precious ...cos I had 2 spontenuious miscarriages first in 22 weeks and 2nd in 20 ...first time cos if traveling...2nd placenta previa...dats y i scared
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Question: Hi ! stomach pains all day even now...and im hungry again and again even after eating food and other things...can u tell me whats the reason
Answer: Hi dear in early pregnancy it is fine to feel hungry as ur body need more of energy to make ur internal process go on properly. Now ur baby growth req. Regualr intake of food and make sure to have fruits vegetables whole grains egg milk products for healthy diet. Also make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water.
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