2 years old baby

Question: Hello doc!! I am observing some white yellow spots on my son's teeth. What is it and why is it happening? Is it becoz of sugary sweet things?

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Answer: Hie dear!! Is your kid having a habit to eat the toothpaste? if yes then stop giving him toothpaste.This is called Fluorosis and it doesnot happen because of sweets but becuase of using tootpastes containing high levels of fluoride, which is harmful for toddlers and kids. Their are multiple tootpastes for kids, available in the market which donot contain Fluoride. Low fluoride toothpaste means that it has 1000ppm(parts per million) quantity of fluoride. Check it before buying.
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    Geeta C600 days ago

    Thanks for the information

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    R Shah528 days ago

    Please use a Colgate with bubble gum flavour as it is reasonable and easily available in market. It is good for kids.

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    simi sp386 days ago

    Hey do check out mamaearth toothpaste it's naturally made paraben free to

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    Bijal Dhakan280 days ago

    Try using mamaearth berry blast tooth paste it is floride free ...must b using a paste which have flouride and v that's y u noticing yellowish thing on baby teeth

Answer: Make your baby brushing 2 times a day. Also change your toothpaste. Try mamaearth orange flavoured toothpaste. Your kid is 2 years old now. Do it is perfect for him. It is a natural product and fluoride free also. It controls foul smell and protect teeths against cavities.
Answer: Its due to high fluoride in toothpaste, try mamaearth berry blast toothpaste, specially made for kids, its absolutely safe for kids as it is Fluoride and SLS free, try it
Answer: Hey do check with mamaearth toothpaste it works great as it is naturally made
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