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Question: Hello doc i am having knee pain, i cant even climb 5 steps.plz suggest me something..

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Answer: Hi dear, Though many pains are normal during pregnancy and it is hard to say,if the pain is due to anything else. Joint pains could be due to several reasons in pregnancy: 1- calcium deficiency ( increase intake of dairy products and leafy vegetables) 2- insufficient vit D(expose yourself to early morning sunlight for better absorption of calcium) 3-b12 deficiency ( increase intake of animal meat) 4- increase in uric acid 5- gouts 6- increase in body weight Use cold and hot compress to the pain area.cold weather could worsen the situation.so try to keep your self warm.elevate your legs while sitting.
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Question: I am suffering from severe knee pain plz suggest something
Answer: During pregnancy, there are many changes that occur in your body. Due to these normal physical changes, it is common to experience increased joint and muscle pain. Increased weight puts pressure on the knees and may exacerbate knee pain. Few things you can do to get relife Exercise: Regular exercise improves range of motion and can help keep your joints flexible. Low impact exercise, such as walking and swimming, is gentler on the joints.Hot and Cold Therapy:Try taking a hot shower or bath.Use a heating pad or electric blanket on your joints.Place an ice pack wrapped in a towel on your joints.Massage: Massage therapy has been shown to treat joint pain and stiffness, as well as improve range of motion and walking.Acupuncture: Acupuncture may be able to help alleviate joint pain.Splints: Splints may be used to provide relief, particularly in the hands and knees.Herbal supplements: Some herbal supplements may also be used for joint pain. However, in order to prevent harmful drug interactions, it is important to consult your doctor or an herbal specialist before taking a supplement.Omega-3s: Including foods rich in omega-3s in your diet and/or taking an omega-3 supplement may help relieve joint pain and stiffness.Rest: Take time to rest to give your joints a break. Relaxation exercises as well as putting your feet up may also help alleviate knee and ankle pain.Footwear: Wearing high heels puts strain on your ankles and feet. Instead, try to wear shoes that provide adequate support.Support: If your joint pain is getting in the way of your daily activities, don’t hesitate to ask for help.
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Question: Hi i m breastfeed mother, now a days my knee has very bad pain even i cant climb stairs comfortably, kindly help me out. What diet is good for relief knee pain.??
Answer: Hi,you should have food rich in calcium like more milk and milk products Also you should in consuultarion with the Dr take calcoum supplements. Even proteins is a must and so you should have pulses,soya and eggs and chicken ,rich source of proteins.
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Question: Hello, am in 4th month of pregnancy and having severe pain in one side of hip. I cant even walk normally. Doctor said the pain might continue till delivery. But i cant tolerate it till delivery..pls suggest me something
Answer: Dont worry. Its also one of the normal. It wont continue till delivery. Drink more water. It will get cure soon...
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