3 months old baby

Question: Hello der,,my baby is 2 months 24 days old...if i eat curd does it effect my child...

Answer: no it wont b. but remember to hv only homemade fresh curd...
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Question: Can I eat curd in my diet ..my baby is 29days old ...does it affect brestmilk
Answer: Yes you can it will not effect breastfeed but try to eat in afternoon time that too normal temperature curd not cold.
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Question: Does cold passes from mother to child from breast feeding? If I eat late food does it effect d baby. His just 1&1/2month old
Answer: No , it doesn't effect the baby instead of he gets antibodies from you. If you don't eat by time milk will not have proteins and vitamins. So do eat by time rest of the work you can do later. Hope this will help you definitely.
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Question: Hello.. Will be any problem if we sleep n eat something does it effect my baby
Answer: Dear during pregnancy it's important to be active and do some physical work because that will help you to pass the problem that happens during pregnancy. You should not just eat and sleep only because that is not good.. so do some mild and slow work and be active throughout the day not much but yes a bit..
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