34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello dears... Mine is anterior placenta with cephalic presentation.... Anterior or posterior placenta is more suitable for normal delivery? Pls help

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Answer: There is no relation of placenta position for normal delivery... Cephalic presentation means baby is presenting from head side... Its a favour able position for normal delivery
Answer: anterior and posterior both suitable for normal delivery.
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Question: Baby is in cephalic presentation with posterior placenta...is normal delivery possible
Answer: Hello, when the placenta develops at the back wall of the uterus, it is considered posterior placenta. This happens when the fertilised egg travels through the fallopian tube and attaches itself on the back or posterior side of the uterus. Having both anterior and posterior placenta is normal and doesn’t affect the growth and development of the baby. However, mothers with posterior placenta might seem to have a little more advantage than those who have anterior placenta. This is because having the placenta on the back wall of the uterus means feeling the baby’s movements and kicks early and stronger. Moreover, posterior placenta is considered to be the best for the baby as it allows the baby to grow and descend to the right position and align in the birth canal for a vaginal birth. Cephalic position means baby is in head down position which is perfect position for delivery. Hope this helps
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Question: When having anterior plancenta with cephalic presentation is it anterior or posterior position of baby?
Answer: Hi dear,it is a anterior position it means the placenta is setteled on the front wall of uterus,it is normal.
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Question: My presentation is cephalic and placenta is anterior can I have chance for normal delivery
Answer: Definitely but very imp point regarding normal delivery is cervix length it should be 10atleast 7so that by threading and by using other procedure it can be made 10but it is very painful ,if it is 10then there is no problem
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