4 months old baby

Question: Hello dear my baby is 4 mnth old.when i breast feeding her continuously she rub her ear side and ear by her hand like itching this area.plz suggest why she do this......

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Answer: Hi! Baby is feeling sleepy thats why may be rubbing the ear and it doesn't always mean that there is a problem in the ear so please do give it some time and check if there is any problem.. because if it's an ear infection that there can be fever baby will be cranky baby won't feed milk etc. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello doctor......my baby is 3 and half month old....she always rub her ear...i want to know why she do so?
Answer: Before 6 months, they rub their faces against something if they are tired or itchy," she says. "After that, they might discover an ear by accident, and take comfort in pulling or rubbing it. ears are a sensitive part of the body, and babies like feeling them. If baby is cranky and not happy and crying on touching the ear, check for any possible ear infection.
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Question: My baby 23 days old. She starting breast feeding from 5 days old.when she feeding her potty color getting yellow and loose. Loose potty any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.infact breastfed babies have less chance of constipation.the nutrients are readily absorbed compare to formula fed babies.since their digestive system is still in developing stage,loose potty would be a recurrent issue for some months.no to worry though.
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Question: Hello... my baby always rub her eyes.. why she do so? any harm for eyes? what she trying to say?
Answer: Rubbing eyes is a signal for sleep. Follow a sleep routine for baby so that baby doesn't feel tired and sleepy all the time.
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