16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. Daily i am going to office for that i need to do 3 hours journey. Os that harm yo my baby

2 Answers
Answer: Dear depends on what kind of journey and the condition of the roads as well. Normally if u are having complications in ur pregnancy then doctor recommend not to travel for long hours but it is your job and u cannot avoid so u just need to take precautions like if its by car avoid bumpy road. If it is by train be extra cautios which travelling. Hope it helps
Answer: Hi, no nothing will happen to your baby. The strong walls of uterus will protect your baby. So donr worry. Take care
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Question: I am driving two wheeler daily going to office.. that is right or wrong..
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can drive two wheeler until there is no problem.. But keep your doctor informed about it, because she is aware of your case..
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Question: regular office going and jurking on journey will harm my baby?
Answer: U need to be very careful during pregnancy.. though going to office is not an issue but u need to take care.. like u need to avoid stress and work pressure.. u need to take rest in case u feel tired.. dont over exert ur body. Jurking on journey need to b taken care of
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Question: Hi I am 26 weeks pregnant.Is it safe to do road journey for 3 hours?
Answer: S it is safe to travel for 3 hours.. But in car.. That too in a slow speed..
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