7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello can we eat Dalia during pregnancy?

4 Answers
Answer: Hello! Yes, daliya can be taken during pregnancy.
Answer: Yes u can its healthy, nutritious n light on tummy
Answer: Yes but not very often
Answer: Yes u can
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Question: hello can we eat jackfruit during pregnancy
Answer: Yes I can have, you need to monitor the portions you eat and should strictly avoid overeating them.They are loaded with nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, and more. Jackfruits are a good source of antioxidants too.
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Question: Hello can we eat balck grapes during pregnancy plz reply
Answer: Hello...%0ADear%20it%20is%20advisable%20to%20avoid%20grapes%2Cit%20contains%20resveratrol%20%2Cit%20may%20increase%20toxin%20in%20expecting%20mother
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Question: Can eat dalia during early pregnancy????
Answer: Yes it is very healthy. Dal daliya Makki ka daliya Mong dal and wheat daliya.
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