25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello can I use candidac-B cream for vaginal itching??? Pls somebody tell me as soon as possible pls 🙏

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Answer: Yeah it's good. Also maintain good hygiene. Change underwear two times a day. If Persists consult doctor.
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Question: Can I use dermadew lotion for itching??? Is it safe during pregnancy??? Pls somebody tell me as soon as possible
Answer: Same problem .dont take lotion . apply neem leaf .neem leaf rinse and mix with turmeric . applying the affected areas
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Question: Can i use candid b cream for vaginal itching
Answer: Hi,it it is better to apply plain Candid cream however still it is advisable to first consultant doctor for vaginal itching you can also try home remedies line applying coconut oil which will help to give urine if anything Meher only cotton UG and give the area clean and hygiene
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Question: Can I use funcid-b cream for vaginal itching
Answer: Yeah u can use..U can also use candid v cream or even plain candid for itching. If it's too much of itching pls pour some little hot water over there u can get temporary relaxation. At night was the area and apply the cream u will feel good through out the night
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