21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello...can I drink chilled water?

2 Answers
Answer: Kindly avoid taking chilled water as it can affect our throat as well can make u suffer from constipation. U can have normal temp. Water All the best.
Answer: you can take normal water mixed with chilled water.
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Question: can i drink chilled water.
Answer: Plz avoid taking chilled water as cold water are not good for digestion as well can affect your throat . It can also trigger constipation .
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Question: Hello all... can i drink chilled banana shake at night in 39 weeks
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your curiosity.Bananas are very safe in pregnancy. They help in digestion, reduce gas formation. It is a good source of antioxidants, frolic acid and calcium. Banana shake is best as it has milk too, helps in growth of baby. Chilled may cause you cold so try to take at normal temperature Take care
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant is it safe to eat ice cubes n drink chilled water?????
Answer: Of course you can eat ice cube and drink chilled water. But take care if you have cold and cough.
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Question: Can i drink chilled water during pregnancy?
Answer: No,you should avoid chilled water..
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