Question: Hello moniesMy baby s one and a half month old .All day she sleeps properly but suddenly at 11 o clock she gets up and starts crying nd cries till 2 o clock. And thn only she sleeps. I don't know what's the reason.. can anyone had same problem with the babies... and what can be done to stop her from crying???

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Answer: I too faced same problem dear.. No reason for their cry.. As days goes on they ll change. They need to adjust..
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Question: My baby is 41days old, for the past 2days she's not sleeping in night and demanding feed every 30minutes..She takes the feed after sometime she urinates and again crying..This continues till morning and she sleeps in day.. Did anyone faced the same thing? What could be the reason?
Answer: Hi, this happens with almost of the mother's. Do not worry we are all in the same ground😃. Well, coming to the feed, yes. Babies demand for feed is more frequent till 3 months. They intake little milk no matter if you feed for 1 hour. They will take sufficient amount and rest for the remaining time. Since baby has sit for longer period drinking milk, she will urinate. As they pass the urine their stomach becomes empty (digested milk results in urine) and they demand for feed. Now, what's the solution for this?? Well, patience is the only thing we need to develop. You will have to suffer all the night, sacrifice your sleep till baby hits 3 - 4 months. Later, they will start following your sleep pattern. The demand for milk would become less and sleep stretch will be more comparatively. Sleep whenever baby sleeps in the morning. Make your time for some rest in the day time. This will let you awake for longer duration at night.
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Question: My baby is one and half month old..she sleeps at daytime for long and wake up at 11pm ..then she doesnt sleep on bed .she cries and we should take her on our hands and then she sleeps but not in bed..this will last till morning around 7am..why this happens ????
Answer: Dear your baby has got habit of sleeping in your lapbecause of which your baby is not sleeping on the bed try to keep your baby on that she will cry in beginning but will eventually get habitual of it
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Question: My baby is 50 days old... She is not able to sleep properly. She hardly sleeps after bath for 2-3 hours during the day time. Rest of the time she don't sleep but cries to sleep. She is struggling to sleep. At night also same thing. Night time sleeps for 4-5 hours. What can be the reason for this.
Answer: It will still take upto a konth for her to make a sleep schedule for her... It may also take more time for her to set a schedule
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