Question: hello... merii baby 7 months ki ho gyi h 9 september ko Bo akele rhna psnd nhi krti sote hue bhi 5 minute k liye bhi usse dur ho kich kam se to roti h is bjh se uski neend puri nhi hoti achche se bhut preshan h bo bhi or mujhe bhi preshaan krti h m kya kru mujhe kam krna hota h to kuch time beech beech m akele chodna pdta h or bo roti h ..

2 Answers
Answer: When my son was 5 months old I used to give him toys n leave him on the bed and sit nxt to him , slowly I used to tell him I'll be back in 5 minutes go do some work n come back he cried once or twice, but eventually he got used to it. From 8 mnths of age till now , now my son is 2yrs old he plays on his own till I do my work in the kitchen. mo trouble wat soever. Try this hope this helps.
Answer: doo..not worry