20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.... As per my Lmp and as the app shows i have completed 19 weeks and 1 day but as per the target scan it is showing 20 weeks 3 days.... How is it possible?? Which should be the correct calculation?

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Question: Hi.. Today was per the healofy app 37 week 3 days.. but doctor said 37 weeks 1 day. As per apps, due date is dec 18.. as per doctor she saying dec 20.. which is correct...
Answer: Healthy date is based on ur last menatural period and doctor date is based on ur baby growth and other factors.... No doubt ur doctor advised u more than that of healofy
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Question: Hi. Iam 28 week pregnant..as per lmp..but in ultrasound .it shows 30 weeks..which is correct and which one i should follow
Answer: Hi dear that means according to lmp the baby should be 28 weeks but as per the baby's weight and length and maturity baby seems to be of 30 weeks it means the baby is larger than the gestational age serial if you have diabetes then it is very normal for the baby to be larger than gestational age but if it is not then you need to discuss this with your doctor.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello as my lmp is 15th Feb so according to it today i completed 19 weeks 1 day as per calculation and as per this app too. Bt today in my target scan it showed 20 weeks 3 days.... How is it possible?
Answer: Hi The target scan week prediction is according to the growth parameter of your baby and your week calculation is as per LMP hence the difference
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