33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello any one tell me if my rubella igg is positive then medicine is necessary to take bcoz my first doctor was not given or recommended me but in 8th month my new doctor told me to continue

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Answer: Ma'am consult or take one more opinion since u r in ur 8th month
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Question: My rubella igg is positive and igm negative doctor told to take rubella vacination I am planning for preganancy It's compulsory to take this vacination
Answer: Hi, A rubella test detects antibodies that are made by the immune system to help kill the rubella virus.A woman infected with rubella virus during pregnancy can transmit the disease to her baby which could lead to serious birth defects.This test is done for women who is or wants to get pregnant to determine whether she is at risk for rubella. If the rubella test is positive i.e. more that 10IU/mL igG antibodies is a good report- it means that you are immune to rubella and cannot get the infection.
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Question: Hi... I had thyroid during pregnancy was given thyronorm 25mg.. is it necessary to continue the medicine..if so how long i need to take it
Answer: During pregnancy harmonal imbalance occur. Thyroid is important harmone ,you and baby required this harmone for baby development,Dr is giving medicine because the thyroid harmone is insufficient in your body . It necessary to take the medicine. you get delivered after some time may be 1-2 month medicine will discontinue,after again checking thyroid level,so don't worry.
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Question: If rubella igg and igm is negative then why does miscarriage happen to me?
Answer: hi dear! infection is not the only reasons for miscarriage dear. there are problems when the mother is diabetic or hypothyroidism . or when there is hormone problems or sometimes uterine abnormalities dear. so you need to try again dear. you will need ana test to be done to see if any autoimmune problems . take care dear.
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