37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello.ami 37 weeks pregnant.ekhon amar pete maje majhe betha korche dandike,please keu help korbe.?

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Answer: Hello Peter bytha hoy onek karon Ekta main karon hochhe Bachha barche uterus expand korche Movement hochhe Tan lagche tai pain hochhe R ekta hochhe gas er pain Tumi ki besir vag dan dik hoye fire soyo Tahole sei karon aeo hote pare bytah Valo kore jol khabe . Sob somoy hydrated rakhbe.. Jate muscle streching a problem na hoy. Jekono pain sojyer baire hole doctor k janabe obossoi
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Question: I can rarely feel my baby's movements from yesterday. Iam 30.5 weeks pregnant. Please help.
Answer: Last trimester you would get a drop of movements by baby.it happens due to less space in your uterus.babybis rapidly growing and there is less space for it to move around.so unlike before,the frequency would be less.it had happened with me as well and I had I go for scan ,where I saw baby is moving but am not able to feel it ,as it is usual l g and hand movements,bit not major movements to impact us .but no matter what,to get some mental peace,you can definitely check it out by your doctor ...
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Question: 15 weeks running.may I eligible for NT SCAN AND double merker please help
Answer: Hi dear... NT scan is Nuchal translucency scan... It's used to detect chromosomal abnormality in the fetus It measures the clear space behind the baby's neck It's usually done at 13 weeks Normal range is 1.6-2.4mm Double marker test is done in between 11-13 weeks to detect chromosomal abnormalities like Edward syndrome, down syndrome.. Its commonly done in women above 35 years old If there's any increased chance of having a child with chromosomal abnormality...
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Question: I m 5 weeks pregnent women.. but I am facing stomach pain..please help me..
Answer: Hello sis. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you are doing well. This is quiet common during pregnancy. I also gone through such pain. my doctor said it is due to baby size increasing. This is a good sign as the baby is growing well 😊. So my doctor advise me to do warm compress. And sit by keeping legs up. It did give me some relief. Not complete. But try this. Surely some comfort u will get. Hope sister dis advice will help u.
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