30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello am 30 week pregnant and my bp is 100/50 or sometime 65/54 it's varying. Is this normal or low bp??

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Answer: it is low bp
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Question: I am 25 + week pregnant and my BP is 100/70 is it normal or low ???
Answer: Hello Your bp is a bit low. Low blood pressure during pregnancy happens due dilation of blood vessels this can happen as the blood increases up to 30 to 50% This leads to lowering to the pressure. The bp begins to fall in ur first trimester n is at it's it's lowest in the middle of second trimester. This causes dizziness this can lead to anemia. Wear tight socks as compression makes the pressure high. Eat more salt in your diet. Keep urself well hydrated. If ur bp goes down then meet ur doctor for medication.
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Question: My wife is 22 week pregnant. Her BP is 100/60.. is it normal or low...
Answer: Hello! The Bp is on the lower side. Bp less than 120/80 is low bp, though Low BP wont impact much but still at extreme low may create severe issues.1. Eat a diet high in salt2. Improve your fluid intake 3. Avoid lifting heavy object 4. You may feel dizzy after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals. Take care
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Question: Am 12 week pregnant my BP is 98/56 it's normal or low bp
Answer: Its normal on this time. Do you feel morning sickness or vomotting? Use rice water soup , lemon water with salt etc. if u feel dehydration and fetigue
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