2 months old baby

Question: Hello,am not sure whether am have milk or not.not feeding my baby for almost 20 days as she is not sucking.when i squeeze it will get only 2 drops of milk daily once.any suggestions please.are am having milk?

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Answer: You have milk. But u r not latching or expressing milk daily. So only it can decrease. Include fresh juice and milk, oats, nuts etc in your diet. Attaching with baby is only by breast milk. So ur emotions with baby will increase the milk automatically.
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Question: My baby is 84 days old. She is not having milk properly. She will have only 10mins or less than that also. Later if i force also not having. I am not sure she is getting proper hind milk or not. And also she will pass motion 6-7 times a day. Exclusively breast feed baby. Please advice
Answer: Ho,don't worry check that weather after ten mins the flow if the milk is fine or becomes less as if it becomes less the baby may loose interest and therefore not taking feed. You should try to feed if the baby refuses further than try feeding be expressing your milk. If the baby is passing urine for about 10-12 times a day and us able to increase weight than there is nothing to worry
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Question: Im having 2 months 6 days baby...while im feeding she is not drink milk..how to make her drink ...only two mins she will suck
Answer: Her tummy is small her hunger will increase slowly wen she is slept feed her in sleep only for long
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Question: I have milk in both breasts but not as much as to leak , and i dnt know whether my breast get empty or not after breast feeding
Answer: Hi Dear! It just means your supply has been regulated with the baby's needs Having a fast let-down and engorged breasts are really not a very comfortable thing to happen it has it own set of hassels, trust me i have been through it and its not good atall.. Hope this helps!
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