2 months old baby

Question: Hello. Am having severe piles problem after delivery. Is there any remedy for this problem

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Answer: are you can try this home remedies you should drink adequate intake of water throughout the day you can apply Vaseline or coconut oil to the anus you should have more or fibrous food like green vegetable carrot juice fruit juice holds a bowl of papaya banana all this will help you can also take fibre supplements if nothing else then in consultation with it ok to you should take laxatives
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Question: I'm having severe wisdom tooth ache is there any home remedy for it or should I go to a dentist to get the tooth removed
Answer: Hey dear no dentist ll remove tooth in pain so consult to ur dr nd take medicine s ur dr suggest u..when pain ll go then only it ll be removed try it nd apply dabur clove oil on affected tooth twice a day its gives u relief in pain.try it nd take soft food too
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Question: Hello doctor, Am having low lying placenta .is any problem
Answer: I hope you must have consulted your gyneac. Low lying placenta , nothing to worry bout.. Its just that you wont be abke to deliver your baby nrmally.. But still you can take proper care so that tge fetus grow well in your uterus.
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Question: I have hair fall problem now ..is this commonly occur during pregnancy ...any remedy for this
Answer: Yeah its common use hot oil massage before having shampoo
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