32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello all...plz tell me ki baby jab head down position me aa jayega to kya kick upar ki sides feel hogi...or then kaise movements honge...plz ans.

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Answer: Hello! Haan, jab baby head down position mean aa jayega toh kicks upar side feel hoga. Aur baki movements jaisa hota hsi waise hi hoga.
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    shalini singh992 days ago

    thanks dear for information

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Question: Me apna baby kick upar ki tarap jyda feel kar rahi hu... Kya baby apna head down kar liya hai.... Yea normal delivery ho sakte hai yaa nahi??
Answer: Some women may feel baby dropping as a sudden, noticeable movement. Others may not notice it happening at all. Some women may notice that their abdomen feels lighter after the baby has dropped. This might be because the baby is positioned lower in the pelvis, leaving more room in her middle. This feeling of increased space in the abdomen is why baby dropping is also called lightening. Lightening may seem an inappropriate term for some. Baby dropping sometimes makes women feel like they are carrying a bowling ball between their legs. Every woman's experience of baby dropping is different. The following signs suggest a baby may have dropped: 1. Lower belly A woman's pregnancy bump may look like it is sitting lower when the baby drops. 2. Pelvic pressure pain As the baby drops into the pelvis, the pressure in this area may increase. This may cause a woman to feel like she is waddling when she walks. 3. Pelvic pain When the baby drops, some women may experience flashes of pelvic pain. This may be due to the baby's head pushing against ligaments in the pelvis. 4. Easier breathing There is less pressure on the diaphragm once the baby has dropped. This may make breathing easier. 5. Hemorrhoids After the baby drops, its head may put pressure on the nerves in the pelvis and rectum. This pressure may cause hemorrhoids. 6. More discharge Baby dropping increases pressure on the cervix. This causes it to lose the mucus plug that sits at the top of the cervix until the end of pregnancy. It is there to stop bacteria from entering the uterus. After baby dropping, the mucus plug may exit the vagina as jelly or yolk-like discharge. 7. Frequent need to urinate When the baby sits lower in the pelvis, its head may put pressure on the bladder. This may make a woman need to urinate often. 8. Back pain Baby dropping may put additional pressure on the muscles in the lower back. This may cause back pain. 9. Feeling hungrier When the baby drops, it may reduce pressure on the stomach. This may ease heartburn and increase hunger.
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Question: Kaise pta chalta h ki baby head down position me aa gya h ......
Answer: Signs that baby is head down include: .If you press gently near your pubic bone and feel something round and hard, it’s your baby’s head.  If you feel your baby’s hiccups lower in your belly, then the baby is head down. Butterflies down low and good old kicks up high is a good sign your baby is head down. The fluttery feeling is her fingers and hands while the kicks are baby’s feet and even knees. If you don’t feel extreme abdominal pain close to your ribs or under them, then your baby is head down. Ask your partner to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. If the heartbeat is low in your belly, your child is head down
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Question: twins pregncy me kaise pta chlega ki baby head down position m aa gye h ...kya dono baby head down position me sath me aate h .??
Answer: Dear ek sath bhi ho sakte hai aur alag alag bhi par apko yeh scan mein hi pata lag sakta hai. Apko doctor ne bataya hoga ki babies ki position kya hai last scan mein. Ya fir apko baby ki kicks kahan feel hoti hai agar baby ki kicks breast ke neeche feel ho rahi hai iska matlab baby head down position mein hai. Hope this helps.
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