2 months old baby

Question: Hello all, please suggest how to decrease the vaccination pain and swelling in babies.

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Answer: Apply ice pack on the area where injection was given
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Question: How to decrease the pain in 2 and half month vaccination
Answer: Hi dear, pain after vaccination is very normal you can give you baby padiatric Paracetamol as prescribed dosage. You can apply ice packs to your baby's affected area. Don't apply any oil or soap for at least 2 to 3 days to that area.
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Question: How to get rid of swelling after vaccination in babies
Answer: There is a cream named "ThromoPhob Cream" You can Buy it from Medical or Chemist. When Vaccination is Given to Baby immediately apply and gently rub this cream to baby's skin on the injected area. After applying cream that area will be red but don't worry after 5 -7 minutes it will be Normal. And Apply the Ice to injected Area Several times. Give 5 - 8 drops of Crocin Drops 2 times at the interval of 6 hours to the Baby. This will Prevent swelling and Pain of Vaccination to the Babies.
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Question: How to ease vaccination painand swelling in babies..
Answer: Fever pain swelling after vaccination is common dear.. Keep breastfeeding your baby.. Hold baby attached to your chest she feel so secure.. Put ice pack on leg she may feel little relaxed.. Massage very softly..
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Question: How to soothe vaccination pain in babies
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce vaccination pain, give antibiotics in regular intervsls, give ice cube massage will be helpful
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