Few weeks old baby

Question: Hello all please solve my problem my daughter iz 11 month old and I am 1month pregnant what should I do???

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Answer: My dear......carry on bth extra love and extra care......
Answer: hello mommies
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Question: My 11 month old daughter has developed sever red bumps and one spot is has pus. What should i do and what should i avoid
Answer: Hello The baby s skin is very delicate. The lotions soaps or shampoo that you use should be 5.5ph friendly as this is the ph of ur babies skin. If u use lotions that do not cater to oh balence dis they can rashes dryness etc. Try seba med it is one of the best brands available that has less chemicals and no fragrance. You should use baby friendly and mild detergent to wash baby s clothes or other things that will come in contact with your baby. This can cause skin reaction or allergy.
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Question: Hello I'm 1month 25 days pregnant and not feeling hungry at all ....n feeling weakness throughout the dy what should I do please guise
Answer: Loss of appetite can be dealt with in easy ways. Don't force yourself to eat, opt for smaller nutritious meals when possible instead, which helps to reduce nausea. Just keep hydrated via water or fruit juice and consume more green vegetable to prevent constipation. Also, heavy foods should be avoided that may lead to indigestion.Eat Frequent and Small Meals,Keep Hydrated,Consume Light Food Instead,Take Necessary Nutritional Supplements,Take a Quick Walk,Get Sufficient Fiber.
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Question: I am 11 weeks pregnant and i am feeling hungry all the time.What should i do ?
Answer: Hi dear, Try having just small meals all through day that are rich in nutrients. Vegetables – All kinds of vegetables should figure in your daily diet. Fruits - plum,cherry, banana, apple, kiwi, custard apple , pear, peach. Dairy – Make milk and milk products list ke dahi. Protein – nuts, peas, and beans are rich sources of protein . Hydrate : intake of juices, buttermilk, coconut water are good source. Have plenty of water. Have Poha , Daliya, oats can be taken.
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