6 months old baby

Question: Hello all...my baby is 5 month old...i started supported sitting possition...when we put in supported sitting he lean forward with neck and trunk..is it normal? What i should do for it?

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Answer: Hello! Yes, it is normal. Please don't put him for long in the sitting position. Try to give a good support to his back. If you feel he is uncomfortable, please immediately move him. Might be he is yet not ready. Take care
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Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. Now as you are pregnant so you should surely take more care of your diet. Try to have small meals so that your stomach don't be empty and baby can get all the nutrition to grow. You should take lots of rest and you are getting lots of changes in the body so more rest is needed. Should stay away with alcohol, smoke and caffeine Take all your vitamins in time Avoid all spicy food as you might get heartburn easily. Take care
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Question: I have 7 month old baby. She didn't move forward yet. What can I do for that. Is it normal?
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Question: Q: Hello all my 2 month old boy putting neck in Oly right side while sl eping is it normal to put neck Oly one side he s uncomfortable in other side wat ve to do I am worried
Answer: Buy this type of pillow. It will be helpful for u. B by cant move his neck to one side.
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