2 years old baby

Question: Hello all... My 2.5 months baby does have milk not even a single sip.. He even doesn't like any recipe containing milk.. No curd no cheese strictly no milk products.. I m very much worried about him.. Plz help.. Thanks in advance

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Answer: i guess your baby age is 2 years not 2.5 months as you mentioned. the milk or milk products are very important for babies not just the fat but they are great source of calcium .so you can try mixing in other food items like add cheese in khichdi while cooking. cook in butter, add milk in shakes or smoothies, you can add curd in fruit salads, mix them well ..prepare oats in milk with Apple in it. oats hide the milk contents. give Apple kheer ice cream.. frozen yogurt. slowly when the taste build you can back to normal feed.
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    Sumedha Sangamnerkar Boraste1440 days ago

    thank u for ur suggection. yes u r right she will b 2 years old.

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    rashi jain1440 days ago

    Thank u so much for ur help. My baby is 2 year and 5 months old for sure. He has digestion problems as well so when i try milk he vomits. May be he doesn't digest or he doesn't like that's he vomits. He doesn't chew so i cant give salads. Lots of challenges. Other suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot