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Question: Hello all moms. My baby boy is 13 months old.. He doesn't eat anything and if he eats take only 2 or 3 spoons hardly. He doesn't even like to drink milk.. And so I become so rude to him. I dnt know why he is not eating anything.. I tried everything whatever he likes..tried wid new taste, colourful dish n everything. But fail...what to do...

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Answer: Pls see your paediatrician. If his growth is OK he is fine else doctor will guide on next step. Also if your son is generally a fussy eater avoid giving him lot of outside food, that's cause of distraction from healthy food. Try give him healthy things which can build immunity like kesar in milk once a day, one almond daily, give him barley water which helps in digestion
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Question: My daughter 3years old. She doesn't want to eat anything. No matter whatever I prepare anything. I have tried everything. What should I do
Answer: Hello dear Your Baby will not eat anything in just one time. You have to keep Patience. Feed him when he is playing one one bite. Or he is watching cartoon or doing some other activity. In every 2 hour feed youe baby something healthy. If it takes half an hour to feed your baby then its just ok that his tummy should be full. For example If he likes sweet then make Sweet chapati. Make things different for him according to his tastes and likes, it will be more exciting for him to eat something new. First divert his mind in any activities and feed him one one bite.
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