38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello all....i visited my dr yesterday she checked me n said everything is normal n labour pain can start anytime ....but from yesterday night i m having white sticky discharge n not much thick is it sign of labour as pain is not dere but discharge is continous.....pls reply soon as i m first time pregnant so i m worried that is it sign to go to hospital or should i wait...

Answer: No white sticky discharge is not a sign of labor. When labor pain starts it is usually spasmodic comes and goes in regular intervals and associated with hardening of the abdomen. You may have passage of clear water ( amniotic fluid) or blood mixed discharge from your vagina.if you experience such symptoms you have to go to hospital. Till then keep s count of the daily baby movements, rest in left lateral position, stay hydrated and have a nutritious balanced diet. Hope this information is useful to you.
Answer: Dear if the discharge is constinuous the. Please visit to your doctor as it can be your water bag break. But after checking anything can be said . So please go to your doctor..
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Question: yesterday i had green jelly like sticky discharge is it sign of labour
Answer: Hi. It coukd be muscus plug that discharged. If so you may get labour sooner that is withinn 1-2 weeks.
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Question: From yesterday night water is breaking not in large quantity but little little is it sign of Labour but no pain no discharge of blood stomach is also not hard should I go to hospital
Answer: U Shud go to hospital and confirm about water breaking.
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Question: I m 36weeks pregnant, yesterday found some jelly clear discharge. Is it sign of Labour pain
Answer: Hi dear, Jelly clear discharge could be mucous plug.if you have noticed any clear water leaking post that,then your water has broken.that is when your Amniotic fluid starts leaking.if nothing such has happened then it could be mere vaginal discharge due to hormones.no matter what,if the fluid discharge comes out like a gush,do contact your doctor immediately.
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