39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello all, I am 38 weeks pregnant, yesterday my USG done, foetus is cephalic presentation with longitudinal lie. FHR is 132 bpm, baby weight is 2849 gm +- 427 gm Foetal biometry- BPD- 94.7mm, HC- 334.8mm, AC- 307.6mm, FML- 72.2mm ... As per these parameters gestational age is about 37 weeks +-1 week Liquor is adequate. Placenta is situated posterior over body shows grade 2nd maturity, it's lower end is well away from OS.. My Edd is 23 august bit as per yesterday's USG .. Edd is 31st of August .. Kya meri report normal hai.. or baby kb tk ajaega.. plz rply your views .. I'm so excited to see my baby .. kb tk baby aajayega

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Answer: Hello Would be mom.. Happy, nervous and excitement is normal now.. I think your reports all are normal.. Good luck... All the best. Congrats in advance
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Question: Hello Dr Sumaiya Gud evening, mam vdo friday ko ruk gya tha esliye firse puchh rahi hu...As I had told u that I'm 34 week prego and my gynaec told me that there is lag of 4-5 weeks as per long bones and 3 to 4 weeks as per AC... my Que was whether this is IUGR and my child will get dwarfism...? And I have bicornuate/subseptate uterus....mam actually baby ka wight bhi kam hi h bcz of growth lag esa reason bataya hai mere gynaec ne....I'm posting here all fetal biometry meansurements frm 3 sono reports: From report of CGA: 29 weeks 1 day BPD: 7 cm & HC: 26.6 cm & AC: 21.4 cm & FL: 4.6 & humerus : 4.1cm & tibia: 4 cm EFW: 1015 gms & sonor GA : 26 weeks 4 days From report of CGA : 31 weeks 0 day BPD: 79mm & HC:277mm & AC: 234 mm & FL: 52mm EFW: 1200 gms & AGA: 28 weeks 6 d From report of CGA : 31 weeks 6 days BPD: 79.3 mm & HC: 281 mm & AC: 227 mm & FL: 52.3 & HL 46.1 mm EFW: 1172 & AGA: 29 weeks Mam plz suggest me the solution I'm a lot worried
Answer: Hi dear. I m not a doctor but I underwent same situation in my pregnancy, I had baby growth lagging by 3 weeks. Since u have asked about IUGR, as per my experience, it's not IUGR in your case, since baby growth is continuing as the weeks are progressing and the growth lag is not increasing. The same happened with me, after a growth lag of 3+ weeks at 32 weeks, it didn't increase further and the doctor said its not IUGR after following up for 3-4 weeks.
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Question: Today i visited my gyni she does usg and hematoma test it was 10.8 and amniotic fluid was adequate and fetal weight is 2.33 gm and baby in cephalic position......is everything ok.....dr. said edd is 27 july before it was 5 August
Answer: Yes your scan report seems to be normal and yes your end can change depending on the growth of your baby it can change. All the best.
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