28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello All, I am in 23 weeks of my pregnancy. Have been feeling leg pain since last 2/3 days continuously. Its like the ones we get leg pain during periods. Is this normal or do I need to see a doc for leg pain? Please help!!

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Answer: hi dear! so leg pains are very common in pregnancy dear. what you can do it try doing hot compress over the areas that are more painful . also there is a gel named oxalgin nano gel it can be used too. this is like a balm and will give you some relief do consult with your doctor about this . take care dear!
Answer: it is normal.in pregnancy, i have a leg pain.so it is no problem
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Question: Hello...I have 1 query. Its my 27th day after periods. I have starting getting leg pain which usually I get during periods.Is there any chances of myself being pregnant this month since I am having this pain?
Answer: Hello, You should wait for more days may be periods will come in two- three days.If period's not come go to the pregnancy test after exact 10 days.if you check now then test come in negative.
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Question: Pain like periods start ...last mesis date 23 July 2018...why...but also pregnancy symptom ..so why all this
Answer: Hi, it happens so difficult to say anything till you have done your test and misswd your peruods ..so dont worry. All the best
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Question: Please need urgent help . I have severe pain in my pubic area since last night . Is it normal during pregnancy ?
Answer: Hi dear minor pain in public area is normal.due to stretching of round ligament but if u have major and unbeatable pain then u should consult doctor as it could be some other reason.
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Question: Hello all, I am feeling pressure in lower abdomen since morning and now it's paining like periods. Is it normal or I need to visit my gynee??
Answer: vist ur doc it might b labour pain
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