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Question: Hello all, I am 24 years old and i am little feeling shy because my breath smells. I am regularly brushing two times and also doing rinse then also it is coming. Any home remedy you have that can help me in reducing the bad smell from my mouth.

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Answer: Generally the main reason for smell from mouth is dry mouth. In dry mouth bacteria can easily find a place which later causes bad breath. There are some home remedies that you can try to keep the bad smell away. Try chewing fennel seeds about a spoon two three times a day. The fennel seed is not only good for digestion but it also has a very nice smell. It kills bateria and increases the production of saliva in mouth. Lemon juice or orange is another thing to try. Cut a small piece of lemon and chew whenever you feel that you are having bad breath. its citrus smell is very fresh and it also increases saliva production Clove is also good for mouth hygiene, you can either chew clove or also you can make a tea of it. Just boil two three cloves in water and use it to clean your mouth as mouth wash. Hope these suggestions help you.
Answer: You can eat eliachi , and long .. This will help in :)
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