40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello all, how is epidural used? Anyone experienced plz tell me about how painful it is and the procedure.

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Answer: Yes Aishwarya is right .....even in my case wen my labor pain start I also want epidural but my Dr. Said it's not reducing ur pain.......
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Question: Pls tell about C-section complete procedure... Is it painful?
Answer: Hi dear, I have got my c section delivery 5 years back.it is not at all painful as you would be given spinal anaesthesia,where the lower region of your body would be numb.although some cannot tolerate the side effects of the anesthesia.i had vomiting post operation and had severe headache from 3 rd day onwards.tboygh it is not the case for all.post delivery stiches would pain.so the more you move around the faster the recovery.i know it would be too difficult initially,but beleive me try and try.with in a week your stiches would heal.though the area would be tender,so avoid lifting heavy weights.take complete rest till 3 months.i have no issues till now.
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