10 months old baby

Question: Hello all, Can I give Typhoid Injection to my 11 months old baby?? My pediatrician advised. Has anyone given already?

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Answer: Yes.,I did yesterday..typhoid injection advised in 12 month of baby or 12+. Baby ....
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Question: Can I give omlette to my 11 months old baby?
Answer: Yes first we should offer small amount and then gradually increase
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Question: hello..my baby now 5 months old..what can i give him..plz anyone help me
Answer: hello dear we suggest you to give only breast milk or formula milk dear.. The best time to start solids is only after 6 months . Yes in some places people start around 4 months but the enzymes are not completely build at that stage that help the food to digest. And early start of solids may lead to colic, digestive issues etc. So wait till 6 months is a worth. Also baby takes 4-6 months to hold the neck completely . A strong head to neck control helps the baby to accept solids well and can easily swallow.
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Question: Can banana cause cold to my 6 months baby boy? My pediatrician says its ok to give but i still have doubt. Can anyone help to answer?
Answer: You can give ur child banana, start with small quantity and can give till half of it but smash if first. It gives good nutrition to the baby and should be given once you start solid food.
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