7 months old baby

Question: hello all beautiful mommies.. pls share d 7th month baby's food chart.. I give my little one 3 meal.. in morning fruit puree(banana/apple/papaya/peer) in afternoon I give him Ragi.. n in evening give him homemade cerelac.. is it OK?? he's very weak.. pls suggest some weight gaining tips

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Answer: Ye the meal seems fine...add potato,carrot and peas puree too...mix avocado and banana and give it to your baby ...thatvis a good mixture for weight gain
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Question: My baby is 5 month 24 days old.i started giving him fruit puree of apple and banana he is enjoying them fully without any allergy and discomfort.Can i give him wheat apple cerelac now?
Answer: Hi! Cerelac is full of sugar and preservatives i have never introduced it to baby it has no nutrition except making baby fat though this is my personal opinion if you want you can go ahead and introduce but weaning would be much better and easy if done with home made normal family food. Instead of cerelac i used to prepare cereal at home in small batches though its a lot of work but it ensures health, sharing here if you want you can also give a try and feed the baby.. Home made cereal ***Ingredients @one*** Brown Rice-1 cup Ragi-1 cup Wheat-1 cup Jowar-1/2 cup Bajra-1/2 cup Green moong-1/2 cup Soyabeans-1/4 cup Kaala channa-1/4 cup ***Ingredients @two*** Peanuts-100 gms Almonds-100 gms Kaaju-100 gms Pistha-100 gms Preparation:: Step 1: wash and air dry/sun dry ingredients @ one on a cloth (seperately each). Step 2: once dried dry roast each item (seperately) on a low flame to get a light brown color/slight aroma. Step 3: dry roast ingredients@two on low flame. Step 4: grind each item in mixer to get a fine powder. (sieve to get fine powder and regrind if any granules left) Step 5: mix all together and store in an airtight container. Usage::: As and when you need it, take a little quantity, boil it with water, add ghee depending on your baby's taste. (Texture and quantity depending on your baby's age) Good luck!
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight. I give him fruits/ vegetable puree; oats/ragi porridge;homemade cerelac. But still weight is low. What else can i give and what quantity to be given
Answer: hi you can give you a baby food which is rich in proteins like pulses you can also give you a baby at least 2 to 3 servings of fruit introduce ghee the babies diet which will also help to increase the weight of the baby you should also give your baby fruit juices as you are already giving which will also went to increase the weight of the baby if by giving all these food also the weight of a baby is not increasing it can be due to high metabolic rate of the baby there is nothing to worry then it can also be due to the genes of the parents so don't worry
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Question: Mam I give banana in the afternoon and apple or papaya or chikoo in the evening?
Answer: Hi dear yes it is fine u can surely give it to ur baby. It is really very good to keep ur baby habitual of having seasonal fruits as it plays an important role in baby brain growth and baby proper weight gain. It also helps in improving immunity .
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