8 months old baby

Question: Hello , after my delivery at 7months i got period , this month i did get period is der any problem

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Answer: Hi dear fere is no problem. And it is absolutely normal as till the time u exclusively feed ur baby then period do come late but now after 6 th months baby started taking solid food so now u will get a regular period.
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Question: My delivery date is 12 dec. After that i got period on 26 jan. But after that i did not get period. Is this normal????
Answer: Hi dear Irregular periods is quite normal after delivery as you are in breast feed...do take more garlic,jaggery,dates daily to regularize cycle....
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Question: I got my periods 42 days after my delivery...12th of April last month date...this month still I did not get period...what to expect ?
Answer: Hello When ur baby is completely breastfed.the baby completely relies on the mother for nourishment needs due to the suckling the harmones get inhabited and ovulation does not take place so the period cycle does not happen. This can happen for months or even a year sometimes as long as u breast feed you won't get ur normal period.
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Question: Hi everyone my baby is 7months old now after my C-section delivery I got my periods backs after 6month's but again my period has stopped last month I didn't had my period and still today no periods came I checked with pregnancy kit but result is negative but why this happen did anyone know and when I'll get my period back?
Answer: Hii dear u should consult doctor as sometime reason of missing period is due to low hb. Or many due to lack of having neutrients food , frequent losing or gaining of weight. So it's better if u can get doctor check up done.
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