4 months old baby

Question: Hello after giving ceserian birth before 4 month.I have still not get any period till date. I am breastfeeding mom. But yesterday night I have done sex after 6 months. now I am very tense that about my chances to get pregnant again. That I am not wanting right now. kindly suggest if there is need to take medicine to remove chances of pregnancy

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Question: Can i get pregnant while breastfeeding? I have not got periods till now
Answer: Hi dear, few lactating mothet gets period as early as just next month of delivery but some mother got period after 1 year. So, dont worry and dont take stress. Its always better to confirm whether you are pregnant or not with a test.
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Question: Iam a breastfeeding mom,i have blister at my left breast.can i continue my feeding.what to do to remove that.
Answer: Hi dear, Milk blisters are very painful.Apply moist heat to soften the blister prior to nursing. Several times per day, add a saline soak prior to applying the moist heat. An epsom-salt soak before breastfeeding helps to open the milk duct opening and also aids in healing. if left untreated,it could lead to breast engorgement.that could also give fever and chills.
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Question: Yesterday my wife got operation after 32 hours is over but mother milk is till now not started.. kindly help any tips to get milk
Answer: In hospital s doctors suggests tablets to improve breast milk if we take tablet's as per their advice it may even take 3 days to produce the milk Include garlic and sooji in food eat bread regularly
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