37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... Muje bhot acidity ho jati Hai raat ko so bhi nhi Pati Hua... What should I do?

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Answer: you can try these remedies 1. COCONUT WATER Since coconut water is a natural acid neutralizer, drinking it can provide immediate and easy relief. And with the latest boom in coconut water, it’s easier to get than ever. 2. FENNEL SEEDS Fennel seed tea and fennel seed oil both work great to ward off heartburn by soothing the digestive tract and reducing acid and inflammation. 3. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Consuming apple cider vinegar actually sends a message to your stomach to stopproducing acid, thus your heartburn is relieved. It’s one of those small wonders of the world. 4. RAW ALMONDS The oil found in almonds neutralizes stomach acid and soothes your symptoms. They’re also a great source of calcium and protein. So eat up! 5. SAUERKRAUT Sauerkraut, and all fermented foods (like pickles, kimchi, and kefir) reduce heartburn. And over time, they can actually improve the health of your stomach by providing beneficial bacteria to your gut. 6. MILK & HONEY Add a tablespoon of honey into warm milk, and enjoy a sweet treat that might just help your heartburn.
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