7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello According to lmp 6 wk 4 days Aaj mera first scan hua it shows 5wk 5 days Heart beat 96 Plz tell me is it ok

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Answer: S everything is fine
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Question: Message by nidhi bansal: Hello My lmp 5 jan According to lmp 6 wk 4 days But aaj first scan hua its shows 5 w 5 days Sac with single fetal pole having C.R.L of 2.5 mm Cardiac activity 96 beats per minute and regular Plz tell me is it ok M to much worried
Answer: Hi dear, Aapke report ek dum normal hai.initially is Tarah Ka growth delay rehta hai but later baby picks up the pace.darne ki koi baat Nahi hain.heartbeat abhi thodi slow hai,kyunki it's too early stage.heart rate bhi tez honjayegi Kuch weeks me.donot worry.
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Question: I am 6 wk pregnant bt doc could not detect heart beat in first transvaginal scan .is it normal? When heart beat can detect plz tell m worried
Answer: It's normal dear. Install pregnancy app u will get all information.
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Question: Hello.. Doctor.. In my 42 day first scan heart beat of baby was not visible.. Is it OK.. Plz tell
Answer:  sometimes doctor didn't found heart beat in early pregnancy that's why they say to do again after 10 days or 2 weeks. Don't worry. Your baby's heart starts beating about22 days after she's conceived, but the earliest you'd be able to spot it onscreen is five weeks after your last period (although many moms-to-be don't see the doctor until they're a bit farther along in their pregnancies.  just wanted to let you know that you are not alone...its nothing to worry about and normal time to hear with doppler is 12 weeks....I guess just have to wait awhile yet. Good luck to you.
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