8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. 6 week's and 6 days. I had bread and kissan jam for breakfast today. I think I am having Acidity can I have a hot water with salt or just hot water?

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Answer: Hi, yes you can have hot water with salt or just hot water. Along with it you can follow these also. Boil ginger in a glass of water for 10 minutes. Strain and take sips of it through out the day, have butter milk and fennel seeds after meals, take plenty of water and go for brisk walk. All these will help.
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Question: Hlo doc can i eat brown bread with kissan fruit jam in breakfast.
Answer: Hi dear. brown bread is really healthy for us as it has a lots of dietary fibre in its so yes you can definitely eat brown bread but Kissan fruit jam is made up of artificial things and have lots of added sugar in it so it is not good to eat it daily
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Question: Hi all...i m 29 wks pregnant...can I have bread with kissan fruit jam?
Answer: Hello dear, both bread and jam is not healthy food...as bread is made from maida which isn't healthy for you as it can cause indigestion... and jam is made with sugar, artificial flavours and includes preservatives.... these may cause your blood sugar levels to rise and result in gestational diabetes...so chapati and sabji as a snack instead..
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Question: Hi friends, Can i have brown bread with kissan mixed fruit Jam as snack
Answer: Hi dear brown bread and jam doesn't contain much of Nutrition required for a pregnant woman so best is to avoid them and instead you can have chapati with green vegetables or you can have fruits as well in your breakfast
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